Building Your Medical Practice’s Website

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Your medical practice’s website has to do a great many things for your business and your potential patients.

For your patients, your site’s pages should load quickly, the content needs to address their needs or concerns, it needs to be easy to navigate.

And for your business, the site needs to display your practice as subject matter experts, use conversion points like contact forms or click-to-call CTAs, and be HIPAA compliant.

Since your website has so many roles to perform, it’s unlikely you’ll get everything your healthcare website needs from a cheap, templated web design.

At Network Affiliates, we have more than 20 years of experience with medical website design in various healthcare-related industries.

If you’re curious about how we can help build a custom medical website for your business, call (877) 800-0233 for more information. 

Medical Web Design

Your medical practice’s website is the lynchpin of many digital marketing strategies you use and needs to perform multiple roles.

Converting visitors to leads and giving visitors what they want are the two most important jobs your website needs to do.

To start the design work, we’ll sit down and identify the pain points you have with your current site and how a new design would fix it. 

We’ll look at how current users interact with your site to find their pain points or roadblocks keeping them from converting to leads.

While a website is never truly finished, when your new, Network Affiliates designed website is out of web development and launches, you’ll have a site that fits your company’s brand, gives customers what they’re looking for, and convert visitors to clients.  

Searching For Your Website

Organic search traffic accounts for 53 percent of all site traffic. That percentage rises to 68 percent when your marketing strategy uses SEO and PPC together.

With more than half of your potential clientele coming from search engines, your business cannot afford to use a website that doesn’t fit in line with what companies like Google and Bing define as a “good” website.

Companies like Google publish what they want from your practice’s website with their Webmaster Guidelines. While you can read through those guidelines, there’s a much simpler way to understand what they’re looking for.

Search engines and your potential clients want the same thing from your medical website. They want to quickly find the information they’re looking for. They want the site to work properly on their desktop or mobile phones. They want the content to address their needs.

Those are issues we address in your custom website’s design and development stage. And when we do it right, your site can rank well and convert visitors to leads.

Contact Network Affiliates

There are a lot of marketing companies pitching website design as a part of their healthcare marketing services, but few offer a customized process from beginning to end.

How much will your medical website cost?

Every website we build is unique to the client and your site would be no different.

The only way to find out for sure what a new website will cost is to talk with one of our healthcare marketing professionals. 

If you would like to learn more about how we make great medical websites, do not hesitate to call (877) 800-0233.  You can also submit your information here and we can give you a free website audit.

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