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Finding the right digital marketing company for your medical practice’s website can feel like an endless task.  

Unless Network Affiliates is your first stop, you’ve read multiple pitches on how search engine optimization (SEO) can put your medical website in front of hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients. 

There’s no single SEO strategy that everyone uses. If you asked six different SEO companies how they would improve your site’s performance in online search, you’d get six different strategies. 

Some would focus on off-page strategies like link building. Some may emphasize local SEO strategies by focusing on Google My Business listings and similar platforms.

Regardless of what other companies do, here are some of the core SEO tactics that we typically use to achieve results.  

Keyword Research

A lot of SEO experts start with keyword or topic research. These are the phrases that your potential patients are using in search engines like Google and Bing to find information about your services. 

However, this process isn’t throwing a bunch of words against the wall and seeing what sticks. The phrases have to match the searcher’s intent and accurately represent the services you offer.

For example, let’s say your practice focuses on mental health issues like anxiety or depression. It makes sense to direct effort toward securing a position on the first page of search results for these specific topics. 

Furthermore, understanding the user’s intent can be the difference between getting a few leads or a lot of leads. 

You can understand intent by analyzing search results. For example, when searching “depression” you’ll see that a majority of the first page’s links cover the condition’s basic information. 

Based on user interactions, Google has deemed these page-one results the best for user’s searching the keyword “depression.”

Since these resources are top-level, the majority of users may just be researching the topic out of curiosity, doing a research paper for class, or at the very beginning of their journey to recovery. 

Conversely, if you were to target the phrase “depression treatment” or “treatment for depression,” people searching these phrases may be more inclined to reach out to your practice for help.

Content Creation

Once we curate a list of keywords or topics, we layout a content calendar. This calendar lists out the various service pages and blogs we will be creating for your website. 

The frequency depends on several factors that are identified in a competitive analysis, which is different than the free site audit you can get right now. 

The content gets added to your site on a regular basis and shared across social media profiles. Content is designed to address what the users need and to position you or your practice as a subject matter expert on a particular subject.

After a certain period, we’ll do a content audit to see how your blogs and pages are performing. 

From there, we’ll make the appropriate adjustments, which includes removing low performing content and improving underperforming content.

Importantly, some marketing agencies are shifting to proprietary content systems. Buried in these contracts are clauses that ensure the content produced for your site belongs to the agency and not the medical practice—essentially holding the client and their web property hostage.

That’s not the case with Network Affiliates. If you decide to leave, the website we built is yours. The content we researched and produced for your site is yours too. That way you’re not starting from scratch with a new agency, and you’re free to do what’s best for your business.

Medical Website Design

Since our SEO strategy leans heavily on content and on-page optimization, your website needs to do certain things. 

It needs to be fast. It needs to display on every device, both mobile and desktop, and it needs to have multiple conversion points. 

Search engines and users love a fast site that’s easy to navigate and works on every device.

For your site to do those things, we build custom websites in WordPress. This gives us the flexibility we need to program your site. Every site we build for our medical clients is 100 percent custom.

There are situations where we work with websites other companies have built, but that is on a case by case basis. 

For detailed information about how we’ll build your medical website, call (877) 800-0233.

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Search engine optimization is fundamental to well-rounded marketing strategies within the healthcare industry.

However, SEO takes time to implement and even longer to see results. It’s part of a long-term strategy but can pair well with a PPC campaign.

How long and how much work depends on multiple factors like your market’s competitive landscape, what services you provide, and how your site is currently positioned in search results. 

Google ranks websites based on more than 200 factors. As a medical professional and business owner, your job is treating your clients and running your business. Our job is worrying about those ranking factors and how to best leverage your site.  

If you have questions about how our SEO experts can help your medical website get more organic traffic, call us at (877) 800-0233

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