Pay Per Click Services

Grow Your Medical Practice Through Paid Ads

Pay per click campaigns are a great tool to add to your overall medical marketing strategy. 

However, there can be a slight learning curve if you plan to handle your medical practice’s PPC campaigns by yourself. 

And since it’s pay per click, if your campaign’s goals don’t match the ads you are running, you might as well be setting that money on fire. 

We have decades of experience helping medical providers with their digital marketing and reach their potential patients through various paid ads without breaking the bank. 

Paid Search Ads Can Get Expensive, Fast

Paid search is synonymous with Google Adwords. It lets you automate some aspects like your daily budget or the maximum amount you want to spend on a click, it won’t tell you if you’re spending good money on the wrong keywords.

The automation also won’t tell you if you’re running the completely wrong campaign.

That’s why PPC management is so important. You need someone that can align your marketing goals (increase brand awareness, improve conversions, etc) and run the appropriate campaign. 

It comes down to very precise parameters that are easy to misunderstand. Your medical practice could end up paying for PPC hand over fist. At Network Affiliates, we don’t let that happen.

Our PPC team will work with yours to your budget and your goals whether that’s improving your click-through rate, lowering your cost per click, or raising your conversion rate.

You set your PPC campaign’s budget and we do the rest. 

We start with intensive keyword research and match the user’s intent to your goals. This helps us counter high costs for your ads. Some money phrases are expensive, yes, but with our help, your PPC campaigns shouldn’t feel like a second mortgage.

Getting the Best PPC Results For Your Medical Practice

We specialize in PPC management, targeting the right customers at the right times.

We track your ads’ progress and adjust them as needed, making sure you’re never paying more per click than mandatory to get the very best results.

Some digital marketing areas are long-term oriented. Content marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization are effective but they can take time to work.

In the right hands, PPC ads can deliver almost instant results, getting potential patients from search results to your custom-built medical website. That’s not a “make-it-big-quick” promise. it’s just the way AdWords works.

That speed to market is among the biggest advantages of pay-per-click marketing for medical professionals and practices. We’re often able to achieve first-page ranking for the majority of your keywords within days of launching your campaign.

Add PPC To Your Marketing Campaign. Call Us Today.

PPC is a powerful and reliable way to expand your practice and bring in big new clients. Great results come from careful, strategic, and experienced PPC campaign management.

That’s what we offer at Network Affiliates. With our PPC advertising, you’ll only pay for relevant traffic. We create expertly written ad copy, and we execute responsible budget-conscious campaigns. We bring in worthwhile traffic and cut down on dead leads.

If you need help with your medical practice’s PPC campaigns or any other digital advertising area, give us a call at 1-888-800-0233.

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