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Full-Service Digital Advertising for Healthcare Providers

When you entered the healthcare industry, you probably cared more about treating patients than marketing your business.

There are plenty of digital marketing agencies that want your business. Some can get the job done while others offer nothing but snake oil.

When you work with Network Affiliates, you’re working with a full-service medical advertising agency that can grow your healthcare practice, boosting your company’s bottom line.

To prove it, we offer free audits of your digital properties. All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call 1-877-800-0233.

Digital Audit

Before we build your marketing campaign, we have to see what we’re working with. That’s why we always start with an audit.

We use a combination of third-party programs and manual techniques to find areas of your company’s digital footprint that could use our help.

We’ll look at:

  • your website
  • your website’s content
  • your social media profiles
  • any pay per click campaign you’re running
  • your company’s digital competition

After giving everything a quick look, we’ll show you what we found, any problematic areas, and why those problems need to be fixed.  

The audit is yours whether you decide to work with us or not. You can give it to your current marketing company for their feedback.

When you work with Network Affiliates, you’re not hiring another vendor. You’re working with a partner that wants to help you build your business.

We’ll fix the problem areas highlighted in the audit and set you up with a digital marketing strategy. Here’s what you’ll get for that monthly retainer:

  • A custom website
  • Unique Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Listing Management
  • Review Aggregation
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • New Clients

Your Medical Practice’s Website

Your website has to do multiple jobs.

It has to look good, displaying well on desktop and mobile devices, position you and your company as experts in your field, and the biggest job, converting website visitors into clients.

Not only that, but it has to be fast. If it takes longer than five seconds to load a page on your site, you could lose up to 85 percent of your traffic. Can you afford to miss out on that many potential clients?

There are multiple ways to build a website and every company has its own way of doing things. Since it is a pivotal component of your marketing efforts, we tend to recommend a brand new site when you come onboard.

In the past, we’ve worked with sites, but we’ve always come across issues that limited the results. Plus, by starting with a fresh site, it gives us a more accurate indication of how our strategy is working for you.

You’re getting a custom website design for your medical practice that does what Network and you need it to do.

SEO for Medical Websites

Unfortunately, “build it and they will come” doesn’t work with websites.

With 94 percent of Internet users never leaving the first page of search results, we need to use search engine optimization to get your business to that first page.

One key component of our SEO strategy is content.

We craft blog posts and infographics and add/remove/update service pages when needed. We create content on your behalf that will either rank, increasing traffic to your website, convert clients or build your brand.

To do this, we send you an annual content calendar with the topics and content goals for the following 12 months. This roadmap lets us plan each piece carefully, addressing both your needs and your potential patients.  

Reviews & Local Listings

The reviews your medical practice has on its Google My Business or Yelp listings can be the difference between someone calling your office or your competitors.

You need reviews and, with our digital retainer, you have access to an industry-leading review platform that gets reviews on your online listings.

While this feature is included in your digital retainer, we need your help to use it.

This program sends texts and emails to your clients, but for this to work, we need their names and contact information. We do not spam your clients for reviews. Review campaigns have a hard stop date with a finite number of requests sent. Clients can opt-out of receiving those communications or they’re automatically removed after leaving a review.

But before we ask your patients to leave reviews on your local listings, we make sure your business listings are claimed and accurate.

Accurate local listings are important for the users and your SEO. The more relevant, accurate listings your business has the better chance your Google My Business Listing has of ranking well in search results. The second benefit is making sure your potential clients can get driving directions or call your office.

Email Marketing

Your most valuable asset is a happy patient. A happy patient refers you to their friends and family. 

Your current list of former patients can be a great source of new business.

Regular email blasts go a long way toward increased patient engagement. If you want them to think of you first when referring friends, then email marketing is crucial.

Since the audience is your current clients, you can delve into topics you know they care about.

If you haven’t done email marketing, don’t fret. We can help build an email list, sending content to help keep your healthcare business at the top of your patient’s mind.

Contact Network Affiliates

With Network Affiliates, you’re not working with just a website building company or an SEO company. You’re working with a full-service marketing agency with decades of experience, offering services that give you the full picture of how you’re marketing efforts are performing.

We’re not just working for you, we’re working with you. We’re partners. You win, we win. Your success is our success.

We have every aspect of digital marketing down so you can sit back, relax, and have confidence that Network Affiliates is the best there is.

Want proof? Call us today for a free and confidential evaluation. 1-888-461-1016

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